- > October 11, 2020

I hope you can forgive me for not being there when you needed me, I failed you at the time you needed me most. I am so so sorry, I felt as though breaking off contact was the best way so we could both just get on with life ya know? But of course I was wrong, so very wrong, we shared each others burdens and I left off not knowing how to deal with your pain, which I should have shared to ease your own burden but I didn't, I couldn't, I was selfish, it's so hard to face our own shortcomings isn't it? Please forgive me, if you can, you know I went to cancel fb and I saw you there with bubba and you are so happy and I didn't want to crash in on that, please remember me fondly. mvd

ps sounds a bit morbid but don't worry I'm alright just dealing with it as best I know and no I don't mean to make you worry about me. I see you in my dreams and everything's okay. May we see each other again in this life, hug and forgive and smile that life has been kind to us. X

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