this guy (ii) > July 08, 2018

Short story lengthened (a little) - as it happens this fellow has never visited in the 5+ years that I've been here and last Easter long weekend he rocks up with his 11 year old son and when night falls and the kids tucked away we get on it and have a four dayer. Which was excellent 'cause I hadn't got on in ages and not that high on crystal either. I mean four days from I think the last time was that party so f--k me, go to whoa's an understatement.

Fast forward to the eye operation and recovery and within the first five of eight weeks we've had four benders, four, five, then maybe six days (mad blurry) with one day in between. This guy thinks I'm paying his way. I don't care, I have a little cash, I can spend it, but he starts talking mad spun s--t like he's the one manipulating me into paying for it all. So I go a little berserk ya know? You wanna get high? Let's get f--king high, you f--king bastard. I'ma bring you up so I can watch you bloody crash. We get high and all he can talk about is himself and past glory and present problems and he wants a way out. He begs me to tell him. So I tell him to turn to God with a humble and contrite heart and to meditate on the 'Our Father' prayer.

It's 2:30, Sunday morning, I was asleep and resting because it's my birthday today and I only stopped using a few days ago and don't want to be total rat s--t when I see my family. This f--kwit knocks repeatedly on my door, he's crashing and badly, talking s--t like a dry drunk. Two hours of him talking through the door and he pisses off home and me? Bloody scared, bastard's threatened me and my kin, then crazy text messages, half threatening and the other apologetic. Poor bastard.

A few days after I learn how to block numbers on my phone, I start exercising, walking and cycling, I eat as healthy as possible. If I eat processed sugar, I walk it off within the hour if able. What else? My skin is horrible, my arms are marked with some sort of lesion(s) and lower legs with some low level but stubborn infection. The base of my neck is mad dirty and long sighted me didn't even notice, I thought it was getting tanned, haha the dirt's on me and I checked the Youtube and yeah it's a thing; how to clean a dirty neck. It's all getting better though and the neck I'm just waiting for the rest of my body to heal and I'm gonna soak in the tub and watch it ball off. Could this be the end of the non bathing? Who would've thought?

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