the dream > June 21, 2017

Week two of seven and the body has already reverted to sleeping early morning and waking elevenish? Facial eczema attack a few days ago. I deserved it went crazy on the cigarettes then topped it off with pizza and ice cream. I'll never learn.

Anyway I've been semi productive and trying to figure out how best to get the cars back and you know what I could fix them both but I can't because that would really put me back in my fight to buy land. I could sell my bike and buy land but then omg am I getting too greedy? I just don't want to do anything rash is all. I found another plot this one like double the price of anything else I've considered so that also cuts the budget real close for the actual house and other stuff.

Other minor stuff, I finally fixed my green bicycle with the flat tyre and I've decided to try and run it fixed, testing it on a track somewhere. I'll be using normal pedals, 'cause yeah I thought about getting proper shoes and clipless pedals but nah, f'ing povo man gotta make sacrifices, bloody hate it but that's what it's like on the bottom of the pyramid.

I just want to follow my dream and just get away from it all, most of it at any rate. That would be nice wouldn't it?

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