week one > August 06, 2017

First week back on the grind and well within the first hour I got cut off by a black Audi so it didn't last that long. What else happened? Two guys signal the bus late and I'm blocking both lanes, I open the door and they ask if the bus is going to Burwood which is what it says on the destination sign. Maybe they're both short sighted. So that didn't last long. I actually cruised past a stop and I woke up to, "Driver, stop the bus". Oh shit, sorry guys, forgive me please, it's my first day back. That happened again the next day too haha. I missed driving the big rectangle, there I also feel at home.

Towards the end of the week getting a bit agro on the road in my car even though I've been cycling a little in the break. Oh yeah, I'm using my single speed as a fixed gear and wow it's strange at first but also pleasant in its minimalism. The clean lines of the frame unhindered by the clutter of brake lines. I got the bullhorns on there so it looks like a track bike lol. I walk it to the oval because yeah I think it's pretty dangerous. Anyway my poor little car is on the blink again. The alternator belt snapped and it's doing this thing where it gets stuck in reverse anyway I hope it gets fixed and I can just drive it. I miss it already again.

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