distraction > October 01, 2017

I'll get it out of the way, hmm, skin, eczema, undisciplined diet, you know the rest. However it's been quite the while off booze and cigarettes which kinda led me to the diet bit where I reasoned that since no more booze and dhurries the immune system was not so overloaded that I could indulge in biscuits, pizza and ice cream. It was glorious truly.

The car got fixed and well I got so sick of spending money on it I decided to build a custom bmx race bike and yeah it is light, looks awesome in neon yellow and its just waiting for pedals. Don't get me wrong I have spare pedals but I want this to be a whole new build.

My poor motorbike has run out of rego and what can I say it looks funny with the black nose cone. I kinda think I should sell it for something less sporty, man I'm getting old. What am I saying I already have another bike which I bought sight unseen and yeah she's a bit of a lemon, a few things to fix here and there, what am I saying there's a lot of things. Sometimes like most of the time I'm trusting of people and f it it's only money huh?

Okay so lately I've been feeling pretty good all other things being equal. My workmates keep insisting that I should find a woman and settle but really I'm unsure of it all since the previous disaster, I can't believe the hurt that has lasted so long. I mean that's whats keeping me from moving on isn't it?

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